Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009-10 Remax All Star Season Begins

Tomorrow night at 9:30 the season begins. The Reamx All Stars most of whom will be back to play again.

As the season moves along I will be updating the blog and keeping things as up to date as possible.

Who knows what this season will bring. Let's look back at some of last year's highlights:

  • Jimmy winning the scoring championship
  • Marc leading in penalties
  • Shep being suspended for 8 games
  • Chris thinking he was leading in points
  • Marshall fighting for the #1 goalie spot
  • Mike leading in game winning goals
  • Andrew winning the Bubble-Boy
  • Al's knee made it through the year
  • Kevin was able to remain naked for the longest time after games beating Marshall's old record.
  • Terry found new ways to score goals.....deflections into our net :)
  • And Pete finally showed what he could do with key playoff goals.
It was quite a year and bring on the competiton...I predict that this team will make the playoffs!!!

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